Non-Williams Summer Research Opportunities

Summer Research Opportunities on University Campuses

Summer research opportunities are a great way for sophomores and juniors to conduct research at another university or institution. These programs typically require U.S. citizenship or permanent residency (with a few exceptions). Programs take place during the summer and are typically eight to ten weeks long. They are a great opportunity for students to meet new faculty, conduct innovative research, colloborate with peers, and foster new mentor relationships. Most programs have application deadlines in January through March and award stipends for living expenses. Click on the links below to find out more about each individual program.


Program Listings


Columbia University: Summer Research Program (SRP)

This program expose underrepresented students to graduate-level academic research so that they can begin to view the academy as a viable and realistic career path and to address the shortage of underrepresented minorities in doctoral study. The SRP promotes and develops skills that are necessary for success in doctoral study as students receive an introduction to the rigors and pleasures of advanced academic work. Application deadline: early February. 

MIT Summer Research Program

MSRP facilitates the involvement of talented undergraduate students in research aspects of the fields of engineering and science-particularly those who are underrepresented in these fields. This summer program seeks to identify talented college sophomores, juniors and non-graduating seniors from around the country who could benefit from spending a summer on MIT’s campus, working in a research laboratory under the guidance of experienced scientists and engineers. Application deadline: late January.

Rutgers English Diversity Institute (REDI)

REDI is a week-long program designed to encourage current students and recent graduates from diverse cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds to consider graduate study in Literatures in English. Students will learn about the different subfields in English and American literature, and emerging fields and approaches, from Rutgers University faculty. Application deadline: early March.

Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer Institute

The Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer Institute encourages minority students and others with an interest in African-American, African, and African Diasporan Studies to pursue PhDs in the humanities. The program offers a six-week session for ten undergraduate rising seniors. Application deadline: mid-February.

Yale University: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The SURF Program is intended for students with a strong desire to pursue research careers at the Ph.D. level. The program is particularly interested in identifying and providing research experience to talented underrepresented minority students. Application Deadline: early February.



University of Georgia: Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

SURP offers undergraduates the opportunity to work closely with faculty in an intensive summer research experience. This eight-week long program gives undergraduate students first hand exposure to the experiences of graduate school and faculty life by placing them with faculty whose work is closely related to their academic interests and professional goals. Application deadline: mid-February.

University of Louisville: Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

SROP provides undergraduate students who would like to know more about graduate-level education with a 10-week research experience in departments that offers graduate degrees. Mentors will guide students on individualized research projects and the program will provide group seminars on topics related to research and graduate education. Application deadline: early March.

University of Maryland College Park: Summer Research Initiative (SRI)

Participants in the SRI will work side-by-side with a faculty mentor on a guided research project, attend weekly seminars and visit local research institutions in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Application deadline: early Febraury.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: 
Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program

MURAP is a graduate-level research experience for highly talented undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in pursuing doctorates in the humanities, social sciences, or fine arts. MURAP aims to foster the entrance of students from underrepresented minority groups, as well as others with a proven commitment to diversity, into PhD programs and faculty positions in academia. Application deadline: early February. 

University of Texas at Austin: Research Experience for Undergraduates Program

The University of Texas at Austin hosts a number of undergraduate research programs on campus each summer. These programs select academically talented and motivated students to participate in exciting research in a variety of disciplines. Please contact each program directly for more information about eligibility, application, and deadlines. Many of these programs are funded by the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

University of Texas at San Antonio: The African American Literatures and Cultures Institute

The University of Texas at San Antonio African American Literatures and Cultures Institute cultivates students to join the US professoriate by providing research stipends, rigorous mentoring, and innovative academic training. The program responds to the pressing need for diversifying all areas of US higher education — from graduate study to academic research through administrative leadership. Application deadline: early March.



Northwestern University: Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

All fields of research at Northwestern are open to SROP participants including the social sciences and humanities, physical sciences, chemical and biological sciences, technology, math and engineering fields. Application deadline: early February.

Purdue University: Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)

The Purdue SROP has the goal of enhancing diversity in academic, government, and industry positions that require graduate degrees. It is our aim to encourage talented undergraduate students from social and economic backgrounds that are underrepresented in research careers to pursue graduate education, and to enhance their preparation for graduate study. Application deadline: early March.

University of Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program

The Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program (MICHHERS) is designed to encourage rising seniors, recent B.A.s and terminal Master’s students from diverse cultural, economic, geographic, and ethnic backgrounds to consider pursuing a doctoral degree in humanities at the University of Michigan.

University of Michigan: Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

This program is designed for outstanding undergraduate students who are underrepresented in their field of study. The goal of this program is to provide students with the opportunity to conduct an intensive graduate level research project with faculty and graduate students at the University of Michigan. This 8-week program, held on the Ann Arbor campus, culminates in a research symposium where each participant presents their research project. Application deadline: early February.



CalTech WAVE Fellows Program

WAVE aims to foster diversity by increasing the participation of underrepresented students in science and engineering Ph.D. programs and making Caltech’s programs more visible and accessible to students not traditionally exposed to Caltech. The program is extended, but not limited, to underrepresented minorities, women, first-generation college students, geographically underrepresented students, educationally or financially disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities. Application deadline: early January.

Sevilleta Research Experience for Undergraduates Program

This program trains up to 10 undergraduate students who will conduct independent research under the guidance of a University of New Mexico faculty mentor from Biology and/or Earth and Planetary Sciences. We welcome applications from students at four year colleges, students that are the first member of their family to attend college, non-traditional students, and students from traditionally underrepresented groups. Application deadline: early April.

Stanford Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP),
Stanford University

This program sponsors several paid summer research programs designed to encourage students from underserved and underrepresented groups in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to consider doctoral study. Undergraduates work for eight weeks under a faculty research mentor in order to gain theoretical knowledge and practical training in academic research and scientific experimentation. Application deadline: early February.

University of California Berkeley: Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) 

The SROP program offers research experience through mentorship with faculty or advanced graduate students for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. It is an eight-week program that offers a summer stipend, travel expenses and GRE preparation. 

Application deadline: early February.


Multiple Regions

Commitee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) SROP

This program is a gateway to graduate education at Big Ten Academic Alliance universities. The goal of the program is to increase the number of underrepresented students who pursue graduate study and research careers. SROP helps prepare undergraduates for graduate study through intensive research experiences with faculty mentors and enrichment activities. Application deadline: early February.

The Leadership Alliance

The Leadership Alliance offers summer research experiences in all academic disciplines. SR-EIP participants are engaged in scholarly research projects at 20 member institutions and one corporate partner. Programs involve weekly seminars and regularly scheduled field trips and social and cultural activities. Application deadline: early February.

National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates:

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation. Application Deadline: mid-May.